Signs of debting

Key sign of debting:
* our debts were affecting our reputation and relationships
* we were unable to maintain financial success and abundance
* we had big highs or lows before and after deals
* we were hyper vigilant about our money, transactions and financial opportunities
* we were depriving ourselves to cover our daily expenses or to protect our savings
* fear of financial failure meant we were not pursing our vision
* fear of success kept us acting small and not earning enough to meet our daily and future financial needs
Debting is not just about credit card debt or having a negative equity position, but applies more broadly when we fail to meet our needs on a specific transaction or daily basis. Debting can lead to self deprivation, anxiety and can damage our health and relationships, ultimately debting can lead to insanity or death.
Signs we are debting
* we were not covering expenses to meet an acceptable quality of life
* we believed that financial success was for others and unattainable for ourselves
* we deprived ourselves of holidays, insurances, retirement savings, clothes and health expenses in order to live within our means
* we were vague about what we owed and our income after expenses
* we were anxious about financial security in the future
* we had difficulty in asking for our needs to be met
* we were having trouble covering our daily expenses on a day to day basis
* we were not putting aside a prudent reserve to cover unexpected expenses
* shame around not meeting our financial needs was negatively impacting on our relationships