2017 Bali Fellowship Day

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The annual Bali Debtors Anonymous Fellowship day is scheduled for June 7, 2017 on the Island of the Gods. This year’s theme is “A Newfound Hope”. This will be an all-day event that will have lots of recovery and information. We are a small growing fellowship in Bali so in the spirit of the 12th step we request folks from around the world to come share their experience, strength and hope with us. If you are an old timer that has lots of ESP to share or you are a brand newcomer with lots of questions, the program will have lots to offer.

Please download the event flyer and display them at your DA home groups. You can also make direct queries about the event at da.bali.info@gmail.com.


Date: 7th June 2017 from 9am


Venue: the Sun Boutique hotel Kuta (click here for a Google Maps link)


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For more details, check out the flyer.


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